If you've enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and you are preparing to leave for boot camp, your recruiter has probably already told you that you will not need to take anything with you except for three things: the clothing you'll be wearing, a photo ID, and no more than $20 in cash. Do not take anything else or you will be reprimanded by drill instructors when you in processes. So just what do you do with all of your belongings if you have no relatives or friends to trust with their possession? Put it all into a storage unit. Here are a few helpful suggestions. 

Box items according to need 

At some point, you may want to remove some of the items in your storage unit to take with you or have shipped to you after your training phase. It's a good idea to box items according to need, such as items that you want to have after training, items you want to use when you are home on leave,  items that you won't need until your first duty assignment, and items that you may not want until after you've completed your term of enlistment. Make sure you label the boxes on each side so you can see them clearly. When you put the boxes into the storage unit, place the longer-term ones in the back and the ones you'll need sooner in the front. That way, you won't have to dig for the boxes you're looking for. 

Pay in advance or set up automatic payments

Of course, this largely depends on the requirements of the storage facility, but you do want to make sure that your unit is paid for while you are in boot camp, infantry school, and your advanced individual training, at the very least. The reason for this is because you will not have a chance to make payment arrangements while you are in boot camp or infantry school. During advanced infantry training, you will have more access to the civilian world but you may not have enough time to handle these types of matters. Ideally, pay ahead roughly six months to cover training and set up automatic payments for the remainder of your use of the storage unit. 

Important note: When looking for a storage unit before you enter boot camp, be sure to inform them that you have enlisted in the Marines and are unsure of where your duty assignment will be if you haven't gotten a guaranteed assignment and that you will contact them with updated contact information when you do.