If you don't want to leave your boat out in the elements for the cold seasons when you will not be using it and you don't have your own boat cover, you can place your water equipment in storage. A storage facility can house your boat safely until you are ready to go out on the water again. Here are things to look for in a storage facility.

Large space

You want to choose a facility that has space for you to load your boat off your boat trailer, or to house both your boat and trailer for easier transport later. Choose a storage unit that has outside access so you can back your vehicle right to the entry for ease of unloading as well.


House your boat in a storage unit that has a cement floor with a sealant so if any gas or oils leak from your water ride, you can clean up spills and avoid damaging the unit. Prior to placing your boat in storage, you will want to unhook its battery, drain the brake and oil fluids, and drain the gas as well to keep the watercraft in best condition during its months of non-use. If you cannot find a storage unit with sealed cement flooring, place a tarp on the floor of the unit prior to loading your boat inside it for added protection.


Your boat is a pricey piece of equipment and you want peace of mind that it is being properly secured when you are not around. Pick a storage unit facility that has 24/7 security on-site, a manager you can speak to at regular hours of the day, and surveillance cameras of the entire facility, both indoors and out. This way, if anything were to happen to your boat or someone were to try to break into your unit and steal it (which is unlikely), you know your watercraft is under special care.

Upfront pay discounts

Since you will only be storing your boat for a few months, it's a great idea to ask about upfront pay discounts on your unit. This allows you to save money on your rental unit, especially if you plan on using the same facility year after year to care for your watercraft. Talk to a manager about getting a cheaper rate for your boat. In some cases if you sign a contract that you will keep your boat in their storage for a certain amount of time, you can get a discount as well without having to pay for everything upfront.